House of Tantra | Awakening of Feminine Power
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Awakening of Feminine Power

Join a unique retreat for women facilitated by Estera Saraswati


Feminine power has been rising up. Many of us have heard this call to be the change the world needs. Feminine energy is often misunderstood, belittled or being scared of. Indeed it opens up so much within us that is can be surprisingly receiving such abundance of love, as most of us are conditioned to live in the world of scarcity.


During this deeply transformational process, you will discover yourself as a innocent, sexual, spiritual, embodied, woman of power. This experience is designed to awaken your creative life potential, finding power to live your dream abundant life and share your gifts with the world. Your time is NOW! The world can embrace you and support fully only when you show yourself. It means finding your true self who loves fully, lives fully, appreaciates your sacred body and celebrates your unique beauty. Then being full of radiant grace and gratitude, you are a perfect mirror for other women. You are like a good virus spreading true love with your true being and your vibration.

We are inviting all women who are ready to stand for themselves and other women and embrace feminine power for the benefit of all sentient beings. Power that comes from embodied sexual energy connected with tender heart. Power that is a fiery compassion. Power that allows to be like a pregnant tigeress who protects all life. Come allow yourself to flourish like a unique flower and spread your essence. Awaken what is dorment just under the surface and makes you fully alive and ecstatic



Who is this workshop suitable for?

It is for women who:

  • are ready for more!
  • want to transform fears of feminine power, sexual self or wild woman,
  • desire to awaken and expand their sexuality
  • want to accept and love their bodies as it is right now
  • want to feel good as a woman and celebrate it
  • want to awaken wild nature and integrate it with daily life without getting domesticated
  • have enough of pretending, playing other’s games, diminishing oneself and own power
  • want to live their life fully
  • want to love totally and be loved
  • call a Wild Woman back home
  • open fully to own creative potential, rising up the passion
  • want to follow heart path and make a living out of it
  • want to create happy, fullfilling, loving and authentic relationships
  • are courageous to make the step into the freedom, love and power!

Feminine sexual energy is the strongest creative force on this planet. We can be the great creatrix. It gives us power and self-confidence to open our wings to fly high and our unique flower aroma be spread gracefully with ease wherever we go. This safe, deep, sometimes challenging and full of non-conceptual wisdom initiation process will allow you to be reborn into your new abundant reality.


Estera Saraswati’s 8 steps to awaken Feminine Power:
  • I say „yes” to my shadow and my present limits. Therefore I easily grow instead of loosing energy for a fight!
  • I make love to my demons. I befriend them and ride the dragons. Thus I become a courageous and tender warrior of the heart, a confident woman!
  • I heal a destructive split between mother and lover inside, the sacred one and the whore. Thus I remove the obstacles and open the door to my treasury!
  • I recognise my hidden jewels through my sisters – other women. Thus I built a fundament of my power!
  • I find tenderness to myself, I learn how to be good to myself. Thus I open my heart!
  • I recognise my inner masculine self and marry him forever. Thus I feel fullfilled and create a happy relations with men if I want to!
  • I reconnect my heart and my sexuality. Thus I become an awaken sexual woman of love!
  • I learn to celebrate myself and other women as well as our beauty. Thus I change my path, now growing thorough pleasure and not suffering!


This workshop can be a breakthrough if you wish it. Estera Saraswati is a cutting edge visionary and women of power that lovingly and wisely initiates full potential in women. You will step into new world with support of your sisters, where sexual energy is sacred and safe, relationships with men nourishing and abundant, body is a temple and life a celebration. Estera will safely guide you thanks to her rich experience and deep wisdom that she will share with you. This is a time of awakening the feminine essence on the planet. Let’s use this opportunity!

Beautiful retreat place will support us in our adventure and we will support you in reaching this place with other sisters.


What can happen during this retreat?

  • reconnecting with Earth power and nature resources
  • healing and strenghening trust, love, mutual respect and support with other women (sisterhood bonding)
  • claimimg your healthy, mature masculine power to give inner safety and support to the feminine within to flourish
  • healing shame, inadequacy, guilt, fear from your yoni (sexual female organs)
  • activating power of sacred womb of creation
  • powerful healing and cleansing your ancestors lineages (seven generations before and ahead of you)
  • energetic clearing of a womb from any misconceptions, abortions, abuses (yours from this and previous lifetimes and your ancestors as well that you may carry in your body unconsciously)
  • activating power of heart and reconnecting with all beings and existance
  • awakening abilities of intuition and vision
  • unfolding your medicine (unique healing gift) that you hold for the world
  • reawakening of sexual priestesshood

What will happen in details depends on a particular group as each retreat in perfectly tailored to the women who have been gathered and responded to a particular call.

What kind of activities or modalities can you experience? 

  • sacred rituals and ceremonies
  • sharing circles
  • inspiring lectures
  • dance
  • vision quest
  • tantric massage
  • meditation and visualisation
  • breast healing massage
  • sacred pujas
  • initiations


Estera Saraswati’s workshop guidelines

  • You are supported to go with your own speed respecting your deepest guidance and personal boundaries.
  • You don’t need to do anything and follow anybody except your own truth.
  • Our priority is you feeling safe, relaxed and authentic. Workshop space is a safe space to express anything needs to be expressed
  • One of the core values is non judgmental loving presence making space for all diversities of behaviours, feelings, outlooks etc
  • We’ll be learning to be authentic, empowered, faithful to own’s truth with respect to other sisters
  • You don’t need to pretend or meet any expectations
  • Safety, confidentiality, authentic expression, respect and trust are the core values


We guarantee you come back shining, empowered and energised for yourself as well as past and future generations!


  • Date: 23 – 29 July 2018
  • Venue:  Endes Camp (fly to Balıkesir Edremit Koca Seyit Airport)
  • Language: English & Turkish
  • Price (including food and accommodation)
    • Turkish people: 900 euro (foundation price, first 10 people); 1000 euro early bird price till May 30; 1100 euro regular price
    • Internationals: 1100 euro (foundation price, first 10 people); 1200 euro early bird price till May 30; 1300 euro regular price
    • 850 euro for repeaters (people that attended Estera’s retreats in Turkey in 2017)
  • Deposit (non-refundable): 400 euro securing your place. First paid first enrolled basis.
  • Information: Irem at
  • RegistrationForm