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Birth to Love

Birth to Love

Inviting men and women to a deeply transformative retreat “Birth to Love”

A mistical journey to the beginning… embracing psychological, emotional, spiritual and body level


Facilitation: Estera Saraswati

8 – 15 October 2017, Poland

Body remembers

Body remembers how we were conceived and delivered to this world. This essential passage shapes our ability and future experience of receiving and giving unconditional love, relation with body and sexuality, sense of trust and safety as well as capacity for intimacy. And yet it can be changed now.

Limbic imprint

Body stores a memory of all emotions and experiences that accompanied us throughout a conception, pregnancy and birth. Basing on this imprints, our “comfort zone” has been created. Comfort zone means experiences and emotions that we feel familiar with and are kind of natural for us, eventhough it can be violence, abuse or pain. This memory in our limbic brain is called limbic imprint. It directly affects quality of our life, partners we choose, relations we create with our beloveds and with the world. It can cause contradictory feelings, drives or impulses. Surveys made in USA point out that only 5% of people born there are free of birth trauma or emotional abuse. All these experiences limit our possibility to realise our potential. Most of difficult memories are pressed down to unconsiousness and stored on a deep body level.

Birth as a gateway between worlds and dimensions

How is it usually?

Usually we come to unconscious parents not being really invited. For most of people “making a baby” is a natural order in life and future parents are not used to give it a special attention and consider what does it really mean. During baby’s growth in a temple of a mother womb, while being often examined, peace and silence are interrupted by anxiety and fear that are really standing behind all of this often unnecessary interventions. Birth, a mystic passage of initiation, has become a medical procedure with all its mess, noise, strange people around, strong lights, machines and “child production” specialists directing woman about her behaviours and body positions. The birth industry decides when is our due date. If we contemplated this thought for longer, maybe we could come to a conclusion that sentient being is not a product from a factory and each time needs diffrent number of days to be ready to emerge. Usually birth is far from organic, natural process as it really is. Often baby and mother needs to go though complex medical procedures. Is it really needed? Are they all supportive? Is there another way? What would be a middle way, between non assisted labour in nature and fully medicalised hospital birth? There are many questions to be asked that we do not dare to ask as it would undermine philosophy of human hidden unslavemment that is implemented from the early beginning. Sometimes it is easier not to know. Than stepping into our power and taking responsilibility is only our choice, there is no one there anymore to blame. Do we really want it? And are we ready for it?

Medical procedures neglect human and divine aspects of our nature, unpredictability and uniqness of each being. It mocks of body wisdom and feminine power, based on hidden fear of death and control obsession. Plenty of not natural treatments are implemented, pain is treated as an enemy to kill instead of deep listening to it as a guide, at least for example which body position to take that indicates less pain and is more supportive for the process. Most abusive procedures as vacuum, crotch cutting, cesarean section and circumcition are welcome as life saving instead of taking the reasons to implement them under bigger scrutiny. List goes on… Medicines given to mother altering baby’s state of mind, cold unfamiliar hands in rubber gloves, steel weight under delicate baby’s body, measuring and cataloging, putting into a seperate box far from the warmth of mother’s body, stubbing with needles and puttting drops into the eyes and so on… It is quite far from sacred living and from some perspective, it can be seen as abusive for the divine spirit descending into this reality. For sure living on Earth can not be seen as safe and joyful after such welcome. Than the rest of life is rapped into survival mode that we are not even conscious of.

We start this life journey with high level of adrenaline, mistrust, more or less subtle violence, abusing our human sovereignty, right to intimacy and dignity for both mother and child. This is our limbic imprint and “comfort” zone. We do not know anything else but this… though somewhere deep in the core of our hearts we feel it can be diffrent. And that never is too late to change it!


How can it be? Imagine … that children are born in the way they are conceived though conscious, sacred lovemaking

More and more beings come in a new way that is conscious, respectful, welcome and the environment of bith is similar to the one of conception – intimate, loving, caring, cozy, in a parents’ bedroom, in a quiet, celebrative and joyful atmosphere, surrounded by close people. Birth process is seen as profound passage with trust to antient body wisdom and feminine power that knows how to cooperate with nature forces. First touch honours the divine nature, lights and sounds are low and mother’s skin is our shelter for a next period of time. Mother and child is embraced by caring community of people around. Safety, trust, mutual support and caring love is the imprint. Yes, I am welcome with all my gifts! This is the message directly coded into all our cells. We are bathed in serotonin, oxytocin and other hormones of natural happiness that create ease within.

It can happen if we can surrender and trust forces of life and evolution as body stores an information within how to give birth. From biological perspective it is quite simple, when the baby is mature enough, a body eliminates it out of the system. We also do not think about digestion or how blood is being distributed. It is all a part of large creation. All we need to do is to step out of the way with our fears, projections and expectations.  Than it can become not only the most beautiful experience but even spiritual, deeply transformative journey.

Evolution is a way forward thus we bring old and new worlds together by using modern knowledge and educating ourselves to prepare for birth in a more conscious way as well as reaching for some body oriented modalities. We can marry infomation coming from intelect, body, intuition and inner landscape of spiritual insights.

We step into new reality by healing old wounds that exist on individual and collective level. Reprograming old structures and experiences stored in a body is an effective way of shaping current existance.


Placenta and umbilical cord – regaining connection with home

Placenta is sometimes described as the first mother or twin brother/sister as this is the first cell of our body and first connection with material world. It is the beginning of building up next cellls and organs. It looks like magical tree of life or a galaxy. The great mystery itself manifested in this density. There is also very primal, animalistic aspect to it as it is also a big piece of strong muscle and flash with all substances needed to be the material home for the first journey into matter. It gives us shelter, nurishment, provides with cosiness and safety and what is most important connects us with space we are coming from through umbilical cord.

Umbilical cord is a bridge between dimensions and realities, connecting spirit with matter. Usually a lot of time is needed for a being to descend into this quite dense dimension. It supplies a baby with food, oxygen, sense of deep connection and safety. It is our anchor. You can imagine how it can be felt when this connection is cut fast after being delivered into new existance. It is a tremendous shock. All what was giving us safety is gone. Are 30 minutes enough to establish a new safe connection as it is a regular medical procedure to cut it after such time? Is it an invitation to a non-violent, kind and safe life? We are left with the imprint of survival, having no time for full, tranquil transition.

What is happening after birth with this tree of life, with our mystic mother? Is it burried in a land in a special place and a tree is planted on it to grow with us, give us psychic and spiritual strength, revitalise and reconnect with our source?

Are we be supprised though that our culture is based on lack of safety? We need relationships, life and death insurences, medical insurence and all other means to provide what we lost or what was taken from us in the very beginning. How our life would look like if our first moments of life would be spent in a serene atmosphere with people who truely love us without abusive medical procedures, having enough time to move within own speed through phases of this challenging though full of beauty initiation and landing on this green planet gracefully?


About this retreat – You are your own creator and healer

Birth medical procedures usually leave us with traumatic experience that is stored in subconsciousness of our body. Although birth itself has a potential of activating power and zest for life, being like a trampoline into a reality of love, abundance and close, intimate connections.

The way our body remembers conception and birth has a significant influence on fundaments of our life. And yet cell memory can be cleansed and transformed. There are ways to bring new information to our bodies and hearts. Quantum physics as well as shamanism provides knowledge about recoding information stored in human DNA in cells. We do have influence on our life through healing and resolving conflict situations from our past here and now as well as our ancestors’. This is a great news! We are no longer determined or doomed, we can actively create.

This retreat is based on knowledge, wisdom and modalities that give a possibility of implementing deep and persistent changes in our neurological system and thus life. Although it is our openess and attitude that create the outcome of this highly transformative process.


Themes of this retreat – Opportunities for healing
  • Conscious passage creating a new birth experience that is perfect for you now
  • Activating self-healing powers
  • Healing of birth trauma and creating a healthy limbic imprint that allows to access a new expanded possibilities in your life and reset your nervous system for pleasure oriented instead of pain oriented
  • Reconnection with “first mother” – placenta – regaining feeling of deep safety and connection with magical, spiritual dimension of reality
  • Connecting with Great Mother space – spiritual aspect of birth
  • Building up integrity and maturity coming from embracing and transforming moment of birth and death
  • Setting free your disempowering relations with parents and transforming your connection into supportive resource
  • Healing relation with mother as the source of unconditional love, warmth and safety
  • Regaining trust and safety
  • Stepping into the field of love and support
  • Coming back home – feeling being welcome and wanted by parents and community
  • Reconnecting with your home vibration before you incarnated the first time on the Earth to find out your life mission and path – regaining a lost access to your gifts and potential, healing “earth trauma”
  • Activating your zest for life – power for creative action
  • Improving relation with body and sexuality
  • Birth as other perspective on death – mystic aspect
  • Conscious death, conscious birth – cleansing of old stories, preparation for rebirth
  • For people thinking about being parents, creating the best experience for your future child, thus preparing for conscious, peaceful and possibly ecstatic birth
Who is it suitable for?

It is a highly transformative event designed for everyone no matter your gender or relationship status.

  • For everyone interested in expansion of consciousness, healing and self-growth
  • Also for future mothers or fathers. Your own birth trauma significantly influences a birth process of your child that can add tension and fear to the field instead of relaxation and support.
  • Date: 8 – 15 October 2017, from Sunday dinner (8pm) till Sunday lunch (2pm). The retreat starts on Monday at 10 am
  • Venue: Poland, Biorezydencja, Izera Mountains near Dresden, Praha and Wroclaw
  • Price: 850 euro (including food and accomodation)
  • Registration: form
  • Prepayment of 400 EUR is necessary and nonrefundable. Payed by paypal or bank account. You wlll be supplied with necessary details after filling in and submitting the registration form.
  • Inquiries:
  • Number of participants limited by the capacity of the venue! First paid first enrolled basis.

“Estera has a rare gift of giving an absolute sense of security on the one hand and on the other – inspiration and encouragement – often in a teasing and funny way – to cross own barriers to grow. She skillfully combines ancient wisdom and rituals with thorough knowledge of psychology. The workshop I attended was full of joy and a deep, wise experience.” ANNA

“The “Birth to Love” workshop surprised me with its power. The proposed exercises carried very deep unlocking. Great respect and thanks to Estera for the sense of security that she provided to the participants. The atmosphere of love and acceptance we have experienced has allowed us to go gently through many difficult processes. The birth process in the last day was amazing and left me in awe. It was full of Love, extremely touching and felt at all levels of body cells process that allowed me to look at birth as something beautiful. “(2010)

“What did this workshop give me? I found myself and started to live my own life, not someone else’s life as I did so far. After a long search outside, I have now found balance, calm and silence, where I needed to look, within myself. I found in me, as you nicely called it during the workshop, “space that knows”. I do not understand yet everything I have seen, but I know that when the time comes, everything will be clear to me. I feel, for the first time in my life, that all is as it is supposed to be and all is good. Thank you.” IWONA (“New Birth” workshop, 2010)

“The Birth to Love” workshop appeared in a very important moment for me. My first child will soon be born into this world. Before the workshop, I was feeling various sorrows and fears. At the workshop I experienced my birth again: it was beautiful, safe and touching. The seven-month-old baby in my womb experienced it with me and let me know that one feels and understands. Now after the workshop I am prepared for childbirth and welcoming my baby into the world. I have faith that everything will be okay and I feel safe. Thank you.” AGNI (“New Birth” workshop, 2010)

“The “Birth to Love” workshop in a safe and warm atmosphere creates the opportunity to look deep inside, release certain energies, and direct them in a way that will better serve us. I also gained much more awareness about the meaning of the way we come into the world and experienced the touching moments seeing how beautiful this moment can be when you know how to do it. Consciousness, love, lightness – these are the experiences I brought with me from this workshop. Greetings! ” MAGDA (New Birth Workshop, 2010)

“Hello Priestess of Mindfulness of Other People, One thing I know – people like you should be a part of birth schools. And it is worth going out to St Mary’s Tower and loudly trumpet about this idea. Keep warm” Tomek (“New Birth” workshop, 2010)

“Estera’s workshop, facilitated in a very pleasant, intimate atmosphere, laid out and smoothed down the most fundamental issues for me like coming into the world. Apart from meaning and significance of the various details of birth, we have been given the tools to change our imprints on very deep, pre-rational levels. It was a perfect complement to my individual work with this issue. I recommend this training to anyone who would like to both get rid of problems, better understand their origin as well as coaches, trainers and therapists wishing to add to their repertoire new tools. I support Estera in all that she does by raising awareness of people on the planet” Tomasz Kwiecinski, personal development trainer (New Birth workshop, 2010)

“It was a workshop that fitted very well into my life. I wanted to open up to the energy of love and to clarify what I want to work on. And it happened. At the workshop I felt good, first and foremost I felt safe. I did not feel any danger or stress, so I could focus on inner work. In other workshops I attended, I have always felt some anxiety from other people, I am quite shy person, and other people stress me, but I felt safe with you. Thanks for that :) Regarding any changes, primarily I feel a very strong need to go out to other people with love and to see them as such. I have a lot to cleanse, much to work on, but I have the direction now :) MARZENA (“New Birth” workshop, 2010)