House of Tantra | Private sessions with Estera Saraswati
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Private sessions with Estera Saraswati

A guide will lead you, only to place where one has reached



For women, men and couples

„I am inviting you to step into your full power, go beyond what you believe is possible, ride the dragon of your fears and desires, opening your heart to full living. I am offering you deep and safe container to deconstruct yourself and find yourself anew. Even sky is not a limit. Only your old self can keep you in a golden cage. Have a taste of your real possibilities and make there your new home.”


  •   sexual healing
  •   sacred sexuality
  •   Tantra
  •   conscious relationship
  •   awakening of feminine power
  • reclaiming masculine power
  • empowerment
  • following heart path
  • rebirth
  • ancestors and past life energy healing

For men:

Awaken your full sexuality – drop into masculine essence – transform lust and anger – empower –  step into Tantra path

  • Full body orgasm without ejaculation
  • Riding the dragon – advanced sexual healing session. Working with desire, realising supressed sexual energy, clearing fear of abandonment, scarcity, mistrust, unsafety, existential issues, activating the feminine receptivity and surrounder to life, streghtening vital life force
  • The release of sexual blockages
  • Working with violence and surrender
  • The release of suppressed anger and aggression
  • Opening a body to feel more pleasure
  • Strengthening of masculinity


For women:

Mother – motherhood – femininity – body – sexuality – power – conception, pregnancy and childbirth – relationships – Tantra

  • Sexual healing – working with blockades, heavy traumas and misuses, unconscious patterns and enslaving programs as shame, fear, guilt, low self-confidence, comparision
  • Body image and nudity issues
  • Opening body for more pleasure
  • Deepening and exploring femininity
  • Stepping into women power
  • Uniting Eve and Lilith within – whore and virgin, sexuality and spirituality, sexuality and heart, wildness and domestication
  • Open a heart for a relationship – healing an old resentment to men, including father and sexual partners
  • Strengthening an intimate relationships and brining it into new level
  • Healing relationship with mother and motherhood
  • Healing of birth experience
  • Support in pregnancy – working with emerging fears, emotions, doubts
  • Preparing for childbirth
  • Unlocking financial flow and abundance, opening for full potential


For couples:

The relationship – Intimacy and Sexuality – Love – Communication – Tantra – Conception & Childbirth

  • deepening love sexual relationship – addressing  resentments towards each other, removing projections, realisng co-dependency, owning inner masculinae and feminine, stepping into personal power and freedom of committed relationship, learning clear, transparent communication expressing own needs, desires and fears,
  • deepening intimacy and stepping into sacred sexuality together (tantric techniques)
  • mutual spiritual development through Tantra
  • open relationship – traps and obstacles, coaching
  • Tantric sessions
  • Tantric practice of touch
  • working with infertility
  • planning conception – preparation and learning the ritual of conscious recall of the child
  • pregnancy – working with emerging obstacles and emotions; guidance and coaching – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual preparation; preparation for lotus childbirth


Estera Saraswati

International Tantra teacher, sharing also with wisdom of temple arts and sacred sexuality. Guide, visionary and natural birth advocate. She co-creates Sacred Living Foundation, mandala of wisdom of traditional Tantric path adopted to a modern man. She is ISTA Faculty (International School of Temple Art), a part of Tamera’s Global Love School, a peace project looking for a new social templates of communal living and relationships based on love free from fear. She inspires to open to non-conceptual wisdom of the feminine essense. Her passion is empowering people to step into their full potential and live from the core out of the box. She initiates into power, guides into the path of freedom and compassion. Tantra for her is a path of self liberating from illusions, stepping out of any matrix and embody our true nature that is very ecstatic and beyond concepts. Her medicine is transformation of dark shadows into resources of light and gifts. She is mother of two boys birthed at home in a non-sssisted, lotus way. Privately she is fully committed to Vajrayana path, Tibetan Tantra, where she took bodhisattva and Ngakpa vows.
Some guidelines for session/ Agreements

  • I am looking for the root cause of what your are bringing to the session, using wisdom, intuition, insight and my experience.
  • Usually session is a mix of conversation, coaching, energy work, body work, tantric touch also sexual energy work if agreed.  I am not offering tantric massage as such. It can be a part of activation or healing session.
  • Your intention for the session is the most important thing. It can be healing, unblocking or activation purposes. I am the catalyst, container and guide but you need to know where you want to go, what to open within.
  • During the session, you are mindfully and respectfully assisted. You are supported in self-empowerment.  You are given some tools for self-exploration and further development. I take responsibility for a space to which you are invited to and you are invited to take responsibility for the nature of your experience.
  • In the beginning together we will set frames for a session and our boundaries that can’t be expanded during session.
  • Session can be fully cloths on – deep energy work or cloths off for sexual healing with intimate touch. If there is nudity, it is pre-determined.
  • Sexual healing session in nudity can (but doesn’t need to) contain intimate touch and sacred spaces activation and clearing like yoni, anus or lingam.
  • Session is confidential


A session lasts from two to three hours. Skype sessions: 1 – 1,5 hour.



Session contains a balanced mix of conversation, coaching and guidance, working with beliefs and unconscious programs, body and energy work, sexual healing, tantric techniques, initiation rituals.



Individual session: 300 euro (+100 euro for couple)

Skype session: 190 euro


upfront as a booking confirmation

Cancellation and refund:

Fully refundable till 10 days before session, after it is non-refundable, refundable if you find someone in your place (seperate registration and email information needed).



Date and place:

  • 6 – 11 April 2018, Warsaw


Registration: Individual sessions  here >>. Skype sessions here >>