House of Tantra | Sacred Union of Dakas and Dakinis – Riding the Dragons
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Sacred Union of Dakas and Dakinis – Riding the Dragons

A week long Tantra retreat for men and women

19 – 26 June 2018, Ibiza
Facilitation: Estera Saraswati with Team


Ibiza, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a very magical place, pulsating with wildness and primal, pure energies. Your raw, natural, authentic self can be easily awaken there due to a contact with this virgin nature, naked rocks, pure waters, hidden beaches. Your sexual self is full on in its glory and curiosity. Your feminine, juicy body can be unveiled and be as natural as water, fire, earth and air. Your masculine can vibrate so strongly with pure presence like all the nature around.

I was living here with my small tribe almost a year in 2017, following an inner call to come to the island and help restoring her vital sources. I am happy to share my love with you to this magnificent place that I call, her Majesty Ibiza – the Dragoness. She is wild, she is raw, she is primal  and buzzing with energy. She is very generous for seekers if one is willing to open, trust and surrender to her and the stream of life.
This week long international retreat invites you for self-initiation of sacred union and tantric expansion. First it happens inside and then is reflected with another person. There was much said about sacred union thus it is the biggest mystery and it can be only experienced. The union of feminine and masculine essence is the primodial cause and effect of all existence. Everything is its expression. It is the Great Bliss. In this way we are able to consciously manifest a better world for us, our beloveds and all the world.
To move towards sacred union we need power of light and darkness, shadow embrace, skilful direction of sexual energy. Thus primal elements of nature in Ibiza are the great guides and inspiration if we become enough receptive, present and open.

Ibiza pulsates with dragon energy, the primal power of nonduality embracing life and death. So it welcomes us to look into the mystery of sex and death. Orgasm can be death likewise. Death can be orgasmic.


What does death have to do with orgasm?

Tibetan teachings talk about death and orgasm as a similar process. When the physical body has been dying, after heart muscle had already stopped and the elements have been leaving a body in a particular order, energy starts to move in the main channel. White masculine energy from our father seed, that is at the top of our head, starts to move down in the main channel toward the heart. Then the feminine energy, the red mother light from the egg we’ve been born of, has been released from the lower belly and starts moving upward the main channel towards our heart.
The real death comes when the masculine and feminine principle meets in the heart. This explosion is like unexpected gunshot. All experiences stoppes. Everything becomes black, silence comes, the void. This is the final end of an individual life.

This phase ends when the mind illuminates. Individual consciousness dissolves in the light.


Riding the dragon of desire and lust

On most spiritual paths, sexual lust and desire is on exhile. Many people think it is better to renounce the dragon than to be overtaken by its power and be lost in desire. They fear of loosing control over their life that brings pain and suffering. Eventually the time comes in our karmic death and rebirth cycles when we are ready to face it and proceed in our spiritual evolution as there is no full awakening without claiming sexual energy.
Tantra is the path of riding these dragons and any inner demons, any fears. You want to take the fast track of expansion, go to the dragons’ pit and face your demons. You are taught how to detach story around fear and how to handle these powerful, raw energies and create an alchemical process of awakening. The magic happens then…


Wild spirit is a new Holy Grail

We have been walking diffrent paths of ascending and descending a ladder of spiritual evolution. Some beings have been expanding consciousness and moving towards light up and some bringing consciousness down into matter. More and more we become developed as sentient beings and gaining mastery in walking this Earth, we descend more and more into thick matter of this planet. We start to experience more intensively suffering, illnesses and death, the misery of human existance. We go through dark night of the soul many times. Gradually we’ve became a wounded healer. We’ve gained understanding that darkness is the doorway to and the womb at the same time of any transformation. With every new self-initiation, we’ve gained more courage to venture beyond the rim of human kingdoms. We hear the whisper and purr of black panther – a lunar spirit guide that is the opening to feminine energy as well as mystery of death and rebirth, reclaiming one power, ability to walk the darkness and become silence.


Sacred union a resolution to war

Inner sacred union integrated is a resolution to any war. It is a real and the only peace. Peace that embraces both life and death. There is a huge cumulated resentment and wound between men and women created through millennia of wars, cruelty, hatred, rapes and any kind of violence and abuse one can imagine on this planet. Masculine atrocity has been at war with a power of wild wounded feminine within us. Nothing suprising that so few dares to dearmour their bodies and hearts and feel fully. As we open to feeling, all comes in one package, all the delight, pleasure, pain and suffering. Only consciousness, presence, and resting in emptiness can allow one to feel so deeply. Eventually compassion is being born. We can’t live only for own benefit any more. What’s more we see that whatever one does for oneself, one does it for the rest of the world. No need for the Saviour anymore, for the Chosen One. We found the real answer, ceasing to endlessly and vainly combing the ocean waves. Each of us is the resolutution and the change that world needs. A new paradigm of sacred living has been creating and unfolding effortlessly then.
Coming back to the union of wilderness and spirituality is embodiment of peace. Claim your wild nature and bring it back with full power to your wild heart!

The birth of New sentient being, new planet, new vibration.



Out retreat time we will spend in a luxurious villa in the north part of island, with a private swimming pool, reserved only for our group as well as in a wild nature in magnificent power places, by sea, on rocks and by some wild beaches that Estera had visited before. Maybe we also discover some new ones.


A mystery that unfolds

You will be polishing a diamond that you are through an alchemical process of Tantric Initiation to give it the highest value. As transpersonal can not be expressed without personal, we will address both levels as one. We are the unique expression of consciousness for us and the world.
The retreat program consists of inner sacred union and then outer sacred union. The process of self-initiation is build upon

  • shadow work,
  • energy work through temple arts and sexual shamanism,
  • sacred sexual bodywork healing sessions (Temple Arts),
  • claimimg the desires,
  • feeding inner demons,
  • awakening primal wild energies within,
  • Blisss and dark body activation
  • retrospective and insight,
  • Tantric mediation, rituals and ceremonies.


It is a process of initiation submerged in a space of Dakinis wisdom and power. Dakini is a term from Tibetan Tantra for an enlightened feminine principle. For this retreat we welcome Green Tara and Vajravarahi who are supportive energies of enlightened compassionate activism deriving from transformation of ignorance into highest wisdom.
You can not expect anything though, apart from a powerful and graceful process of unveiling. There will be a lot of embodided Tantric practices deriving from traditional Tantra adopted to particular circumstances. Thus you can expect innocent and raw nakedness, juicy sexual energy, circle of powerful beings and life changing experience on a magical, wild island of Ibiza.
We hope you won’t come back… but reborn and awakened.


Who is it suitable for?

For intimate group of singles and couples that perceive sexual energy as a life force of spiritual development and awakening

  • have a positive contact with their bodies and sexual energy (open flow)
  • free of possible victim consciousness, major sexual traumas or abuses
  • capable of communicating their boundaries
  • are curageous, adventurous and committed to own evolution
  • For all people that want to be the change that world needs!
  • For these ones that are brave enough to reach for more on their way of being authentic and alive.
  • For these ones that has a heart desire to polish the diamond of own potential to share it with the world!


Prerequisite for this retreat:
  • Basic family theraphy
  • healed mental illnesses if any
  • sexual healing, body de-armouring
  • experience with embodied practices of tantra as well as meditation


Organisational information

Date:  19 – 26 June 2018, check-in 4pm, check-out 11am
Venue:  SpainIbiza island, Villa Can Coves
Price: 1300 euro. Price includes accomodation in a luxurious villa with swimming poll and delicious vegeterian/vegan food. It does not include costs of transport. Ask for discounts if you need one.
Prepayment (non-refundable): 500 eur. You will receive futher details after registration.
Registration: through form here >>
Language: English
Limited to 14 participants and Team.
We highly recommend renting a car that we can move together to few beautiful places in nature. You can share a car with other people (around 150 eur for a car for a week).

Information: Dagmara at