House of Tantra | Self-liberating Wild Power of Dakinis
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Self-liberating Wild Power of Dakinis

Tantra for women retreat


June 2018, Ibiza
Facilitatied by Estera Saraswati


Ibiza, a Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, is a very magical place, pulsating with wild feminine energy. Your raw, innocent, authentic self can be easily awaken there due to a contact with this virgin nature, naked rocks, pure waters, hidden beaches. Your sexual self is full on in its glory and curiosity. Your feminine, juicy body can be unveiled and be as natural as water, fire, earth and air.

My visit to power places in Ibiza gave birth to this retreat. Thus I invite you to meet the Dragoness, her majesty Ibiza, that lives within you.


Dragoness is a Great Initiatorix

We live in an impotent culture of apparent tolerance that has been gradually loosing a clear perception of wisdom and discernment. Everything goes blured and people are lost in fog of ignorance. We slip into allowing for the sake of tolerance. Though it is crucial to find own allignment, fire of clarity and explicable expression eventhough it can differ from the rest viewpoint.

Power of a Dragoness is a power of fire full of passion and heart flame. Its source lives in her lair in the dark submerged cave in the base of our bodies. However her fire meets the world through her nostrils. Activated fire in a body goes through a process of secret alchemy, eventually awakening a heart and opening a throat to speak the truth and be authentic self. Then you can stand up courageously for the case to express passionately what is important for you, others and the planet. Your fire heats up people’s hearts and bodies supporting others in feeling more alive. Dragoness does care, “it” matters what she stands up for. She looks after her babies fearlessly. Anything can be her baby. It can take diffrent form. What matters is her attitude, full of dignity, passion, bravery, wisdom, love and compassion and of course power!

When I’ve been in Ibiza we’ve found a Dragoness lair, or rather she found us, a magical secluded place full of stone eggs of diffrent sizes. A dragoness vagina, birth canal and all these eggs, seeds of new earth… Seating on them and swimming around this hide, the question popped up: What does she eat? We all knows what dragon eats. The virgins. So she does. Same same but diffrent

She inititiates the feminine in men. She lovingly and tenderly penetrates energetically his female virgin thus opening his heart. She strongly but sweatly supports him in his vulnerability and surrender to the feminine essence.
There are more of us gradually coming out from our cosy lair as there are more men asking for it, some directly do, some unconsciously but persistently enough.

Awaken Dragoness is a powerhouse! And she knows how to wisely use it for the benefit of all sentient beings as her heart is spaciously awakened.

It is a retreat for these women who want to be the change that world needs right now.


A mystery that unfolds

You will be polishing a diamond that you are through an alchemical process of Tantric Initiation to give it the highest value.


Process of your Tantric Initiation:
  1. Setting yourself free from culture and civilisation. Breaking the chains conditioning you as a well adjusted, nice, polite, submissive, allowing, modest girl (add here what you need…). You die for the old world
  2. Entering into incubation process in a raw space of not knowing longer who you are, where you find your primal wild nature, your instincts and true nakedness. You awaken your innate innocence and sensitivity of sexual energy. You discover a power and rapacity of animalistic body. You become primal and wild in one with nature like a raw rock or moist soil.
  3. Awakening an expended consciousness and original wisdom of interconnection. You become a cosmic womb for this planet and its sentient beings. You are a Great MotherLover who nutures every being with utmost love and care.
  4. Awakening of wrathful “no” when you become sensitive enough to deeply feel and sea clearly the degree of violance, destruction, ignorance and harm either in your life, your familly or relations on the planet. Your heart is in fire free from scales. You are a messenger of warm breath of death to the old world made of steel and concrete.
  5. Awakening of the one who gives new life – the Great Creatrix. You give birth to a new planet and you breastfeed this new born baby with your juices.This process of initiation can apply to any aspect of you as a writer, artist, activist, visionary, guide, mother, lover etc. This is a birthday of the one who is truely herself, fully authentic, alive, passionate, real from her guts and flash. She is brave and grounded in her true self to go beyond rebel and become a woman whose vibration makes the seeds around her blossom and cover the space with carpet of vibrant colours and fragrances. She is a real blessing for this Earth and its people.
    All women who hear Dakini whisper are invited for this Tantric feast!



Out retreat time we will spend in a luxurious Villa Lotus with a private swimming pool reserved only for our group and in wild nature in a magnificent power places by the sea, rocks and wild beaches that I had visited before. Maybe we also discover some new ones.

It is a process of initiation submerged in a space of Dakinis wisdom and power. Dakini is a term from Tibetan Tantra for an enlightened feminine principle. You can not expect anything though, apart from a powerful and graceful process of unveiling. There will be a lot of embodided Tantric practices deriving from traditional Tantra adopted to particular circumstances.

You can expect innocent and raw nakedness, juicy sexual energy, circle of powerful sisterhood and life changing experience on a magical, wild island of Ibiza.


Who is it suitable for?

For women that:

  • perceive sexual energy as a life force of spiritual development and awakening
  • have a positive contact with their bodies and sexual energy
  • free of possible victim consciousness, major sexual traumas or abuses
    capable of communicating their boundaries

For women that want to be the change that world needs! For these ones that are courageous enough to reach for more on their way of being authentic and alive. For these ones that has a heart desire to polish the diamond of own potential to share it with the world!

You do not need to be a Tantrica. You can be a beginner or an advanced Tantra adept.


Prerequisite for this retreat:
  • Basic family theraphy and inner child healing
  • healed mental illnesses if any
  • sexual healing, body de-armouring (!)


Organisational information

Date: June 2018
Venue: Ibiza island

Price: 1300 eur including accomodation and vegeterian food. It does not include cost of transport.
Prepayment (non-refundable): 400 eur. You will receive futher details after registration.

For women staying for two retreats: 2200 eur for two retreats (incl. food and stay) with a prepayment of 500 euro till March 31

Registration: through form here >>

Limited to small group of participants and assistants.

I highly recommend renting a car that we can move together to few beautiful places in nature. You can share a car with other women, we will help to coordinate it.

Prolonged stay

You can stay with us for a second retreat with men
“Sacred union of Dakas and Dakinis – Riding the dragons”

June 2018, more information here