House of Tantra | From Priestess to Dakini
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From Priestess to Dakini

We are inviting women for initiation retreat “Tantra for women – from priestess to Dakini”
Facilitated by Estera Saraswati

Awakening of the feminine essence on the planet has been intensifing. The force of evolution pushes us in a direction of expansion, which purifies our body, awakens the spirit and creates space for the expression of feminine power.
Join this powerful initiation for women who know that their essence is their sexual energy that connects womb and heart. You will go through the powerful practices, rituals and ceremonies that will allow diffrent parts of yourself to emerge and integrate your different aspects. You will strengthen yourself to shamelessly radiate your light. Reflections of your rainbow will be a wake up call for other women, an invitation for men to recognize the Goddess in you and new children on the Earth to lead the way to being authentic.

From priestesses to Dakini
In times of matriarchy, 5000 – 8000 years ago, sexual energy was treated as sacred. Temples blossomed and women were priestesses in service of the Goddess. Many of us probably still remember this, it flows somewhere in our collective and individual unconsciousness. With the sexual energy we were healing, cleansing, activating forces of self-regeneration and we were initiating men into dimension of the sacred feminine. Temples were located in the center of villages and communities, respected and recognized by a whole community. Sexual energy was treated as most sacred power in this universe. Gradually shadow was rising around misuse of sexual energy and power, which led to the disappearance of these temples of the planet’s surface. Some of them went undeground, some vanished, some were destroyed by religious people.

Era of patriarchy was appearing with a consciousness evolution. It brought development of individuality. Hidden competition between women of power were growing. There was no understanding yet that a sacred structure should be mandala based rather than unhealthy pyramidal hierarchy of domination. Wrongly thought that an inner circle of priestesses or High Priestess is someone of better value. It was not understood that all circles – outer, inner and middle of mandala are equally important and of same value as well as one can not exist without the other. Many women abused their power for selfish purposes (acquisition of power, men, material goods, luxury or use of sexual black magic), which resulted in energetic seals on second, and sometimes first chakra.

We as an evolutionary force decided to cut off from sacred sexual energy that we had abused. It can manifest now in a body with blockages in flow of sexual energy. Seals will be taken when sexual energy will be connected with wisdom and compassion of the heart, which prevents abuse of power again.
Priestesses also were giving oath to serve only the Goddess, resigning from personal love relationships with individual man. Personal needs and desires were sacrificed for transpersonal. Thus many woundings are stored in our hearts and bodies nowdays: removed or abandoned children, broken heart, secret or unfulfilled initimate relationships. Oaths and seals are timeless until one break them down. Some women may now experience difficult to create or disatisfactory relationships with men, also for this reason.
The time has come for transformation a priestesses into Dakini that opens spaceous heart for a flow of sexual energy merging it with high consciousness. This is also a time for a new paradigm of relationships between men and women, a sense of deep connection, transparency, mutual respect and support. It’s time to bring sexual energy into the realm of the sacred again and a claiming its healing power. It’s time to step into your power and heal your shadow.

Differences between priestess and Dakini
What unites them is being a manifestation of the feminine essence and sacred approach towards body and sexual energy. But there are many differences either.
Priestess serves the Goddess, Dakini is her. Priestess lives in a dualistic consciousness of separating herself from others, serving, channelling and merging with Goddess, then coming back to her personal identity. Dakini is a wholeness, one consciousness, while manifesting by many faces of unity. Priestess secretly may think of herself as someone special, which is often in her shadow, Dakini has developed the wisdom of equality. Many priestesses are powerful beings who developed a great, unique, ego structure, and have been useing sexual energy to collect more power. Dakini does not develop a separate identity of ego that would increas her separation from the others.

Priestess always cares to look graceful, sexy, juicy, tempting; Dakini can take any form: an ugly old woman, corpulent young girl, or an average peasant, because its essence is non-conceptual wisdom, and a form is appropriate to circumstances. Priestess acts for the sake of the Goddess, Dakini does for the sake of all sentient beings. Priestess moves within a certain behavior frames and concepts, Dakini is nothing but truly free, space without any limitations. The priestess has access to knowledge and wisdom, Dakini is a space nonconceptual wisdom. The priestess dances in earthly temple, a dance scene for Dakini is unlimited open space. Thus Dakini is called “skydancer.” Priestess develops power, Dakini compassion. Priestess is a channel for a Goddess, that men got in contact with when they came to her.

This often develops a kind of addiction for a man from a priestess. Dakini initiates men into their inner wholeness, activating their potential, thus offering them real freedom. If a form of craving and addiction develops, Dakini cutts it off with her sharp two-edged sword. Priestess develops personality, often unwilling to embrace own shadow. Dakini is a shadow eater or feeder. She knows that it is a place where inner demons live that she liberates in a process of tantric alchemical transformation.

“This playful girl is everywhere. She loves you. She hates you. Without her, your life would be relentless boredom. But she constantly plays tricks on you. When you want to get rid of her, she clings to you. Getting rid of her is like getting rid of own body – she is so close. In tantric literature she is called the principle of dakini. Dakini is frivolous. She plays with your life, Trungpa Rinpoche [in]: T. Allione,”Women of Wisdom”

All the women who hear the whisper of Dakini, are invited for this tantric feminine feast!

•    Transition from priestess into Dakini – a ritual of healing wounds in heart, womb and yoni
•    Liberating yourself from priestess vows and energetic seals on Kundalini, throat, third eye
•    Ecstatic orgasmic energy draws – connecting sexual energy with spaciousness of heart
•    Activating alchemy of fiery and watery sexual energy
•    Liquid body activation
•    Tantric massage activating feminine and masculine essence
•    Ritualistic breast massage OmManiPadmeHum- activation of tantric gateway to universal love – compassion, loving kindness and acting for the benefit of all sentient beings
•    Activation of wildness and power, and transformation into spiritual energy
•    Tonglen meditation – Advanced practice of opening heart and developing compassion
•    Activation of a Dark Womb of the Goddess
•    Yoni puja ritual – honoring yoni and feminine essence, healing sisterhood and Earth
•    Dakini initiation
•    Skydancing Dakini initiation

For whom this retreat is suitable?
•    For women who are in good contact with their sexual energy and they see it as a path of spiritual development.
•    For those who know how to define their needs and boundaries as well as communicating them clearly to others. (No sense of being abused.)
•    For women who want to evolve from priestess into Dakini.
•    For those who want to guide other women.

•    Basic family theraphy and inner child healing
•    sexual healing, body de-armouring – recommended
Fig. Penny Slinger.