House of Tantra | Vision
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House of Tantra


House of Tantra is a multidimensional space 0f traditional Tantra transmission put in a new form adopted to a modern men. Such mixture of methods integrating body, sexual energy and mind with wisdom and rituals is a fast track to experience and embody a true, ecstatic nature beyond concepts and identities.
House of Tantra is a black womb inviting all seekers to be reborn in their own full potential.


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Tantra is our spiritual path that supports us in our daily life, also as parents and life partners. It is a way of experiencing who we really are and finding a way out of suffering into the real source of unconditioned joy and happiness. We can be authentic in every moment without developing a false mask of spiritual materialism. It brings us to the Great Bliss thanks to unifing sexuality and spirituality. Power, compassion and abundance is our reality.